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It’s Raining in Delhi

This is the season for rains in Delhi, monsoon is in full swing ensuring CWG work is delayed further and Delhiets get longer traffic jams! Sorry, I can’t help by telling the rain gods to stop (Like he will listen to me!). I just love the rains! I love the smell of the soil! I love the overcast sky, cool breeze of air, love the sight of clouds running in the sky… But hate the fact that I have spectacles! Which make it very difficult for me to enjoy the rain, coz they don’t come with vipers!!

When it rains in the Delhi, the most common sight is all the two wheeler riders and pedestrians rush towards the nearest tree or bus shelter for a shade to try saving themselves from getting wet! To which mostly they fail, still it makes an interesting sight to see they are stuck with people they don’t know, under one roof, people of different casts and religions. Still, conversations start, smiles happen, relations begin. That’s another reason why I love rains, they do bring some of us together.

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  1. meenu

    …having my roots in Mumbai, being born at the onset of monsoons, I never run out of justifications for my unexplainable love for this weather.
    Your insight into people coming together is novel, since I could never get the concept of waiting for the rain to stop.
    I believe this is the best weather we have, temperatures well within 30, no sun…spectacular skyscapes, washed up trees, no dust….the smell of wet soil….the ever welcome showers….the best time to become one with nature:)

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