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Rock India! You Rock!

I wanted to write about Ramadan or today, but when I noticed this picture – I thought, I must post it a couple of days before the Independence Day. Surprisingly this time, I haven’t seen much of celebration and usual tricolor decorations in the markets. Even on the red lights this year, the beggars-cum-flag sellers are much lesser than last year. Is it the newspapers, Radio & TV news channels? The way they are always complaining about the govt. and questioning even the good deeds of the govt. Questioning is healthy and good for the system – but spreading too much of negativity is sure killing the patriotism and spirit of the nation. Today, no one had the flag on their work station in my office. I felt very bad. I was disappointed. I wonder what could possibly be the reason?

For purely patriotic reason, I like the coloured Indian flag ahead and above the grayed out Union Jack and the guard giving me a stern look and the kid showing his butt under the Union Jack. No offense to my British friends. India Rocks!


  1. Sumita Bajaj

    This is the best post by you until now…am so with you on this one :-)
    India Rocks!

  2. manoj tiwari

    Hmmmm…… I get what your saying but I think somethings missing here too.Calls for a cuppa one of these days… anyways thanx Shashwat for keeping life and times around us alive …every day.Thats a I love my country statement in your way.Jai Hind

  3. Whatever may happen the spirit of patriotism may never die down………..

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