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Fragrant Colours of Delhi

After the chaiwalas in the city, the most popular road side business is of a florist. Wherever you go, you’ll find a bunch of flowers to make your girl happy. This flower man has his shop in Green Park, where you also get some nice Channa Bhatura and Burfi at Evergreen Sweets. Delhi has some nice big flower markets which are being thrown out of the city for no good reason, yeah yeah, one being the CWG 2010 (my fav excuse for everything wrong in this city ;o)).

Wonder why our government is not bothered about keeping the city the way has been, with just fixing the glitches where it’s required not where no one will object!


  1. Sumita Bajaj

    beautiful picture and what a nice thought….”make your girl happy”

  2. manoj tiwari

    Nice.Other very delhi street side stuff is the cig and tobacco pouch vendor,the namkeen guy with his plastic packs ,the namkeen/channa guy outside the daru theka.On flowers do us a favor and get a shot of jain mandir where they do all the baraat cars in Chandni Chowk – in the lagan season its a mad mad world…nothing like it!!!
    see you tomorrow on this page…

  3. Sujata

    I love the picture here…So rich in colors….

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