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Good Morning India

My bad health kept me away from DailyDelhi for a while now, but I am back at it again now.

Delhi’s landscape is changing very fast, so is the way we live, travel or even hangout. I was recently at the Gurgaon’s City Center Metro Station where I managed to click a few pictures, though it is not permitted to click pictures at the Metro Rail Stations or inside the trains, but how long can you hold a person like me from doing it :-).

It was early in the morning when I noticed some people enjoying the cool weather and some light moments on this beautiful day with a rapidly changing landscape of Gurgaon. I am sure it won’t take too long before we see a new high rise built on the vacant land. But am sure we will miss these lovely skies and green patches in the city.


  1. falgun katara

    i love delhi yaar and specially in winter wat a morning love u delhi…

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