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More Blings to the Millenium City

Metro service started in Gurgaon a while ago, but on 3rd of Spectember the route was extended to the central Delhi till the Central Secretariat station. It sure has made life of Gurgaonites a lot easier and commuting a lot faster. What I really like about the Delhi Metro is it runs mostly above the ground rather than under ground, giving an awesomely interesting new perspective to look at Delhi. It surely not the same place when you look down at it, to me it look more beautiful. I hope this will cut down on the road traffic to Delhi, which can drive you insane specially these days.I am surely gonna use it very often. It would be fun to see floating cars on the Mehrauli Road and you swiftly moving ahead to my destination without caring about the traffic-jam on the broken potholed roads.

It’s really impressive how neatly DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corp.) has finished this job without disrupting much. Though I have got stuck in the past on the MG Road many times even very late in the nights due to Metro work, but still it was better than being stuck in the jam when you want to reach office on time. Though the local transport is still very bad in suburbs like Gurgaon, making the Metro service a bit less useful for many, as mostly easily available mode of transport is either cycle rickshaw, shared autos – which are really scary on the road as they are always overloaded or an expensive private cab. Buses and Auto rickshaws are yet to make their way in the city.

Though Gurgaon is known as the millennium city, with administration aspiring it to make Singapore in India, but they are failing drastically due to bad planning and lack of infrastructure. Most roads are not almost non-existent, you will notice more potholes than the actual road, traffic control is nearly zero, sewage system is a luxury, landscaping is not in the agenda right now, footpaths are used for shopping space and list goes on and on… No one to answer questions in this over priced, over hyped city!

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  1. Sumita Bajaj

    Just when I thought you are finally going to only appreciate in this one, I read the 3rd para…when can we have a little more positive content Mr. Nagpal :) ?

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