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Come Up…

Two under construction buildings on Barakhamba Road always amused me – “what’s wrong with people wasting such gold mine!”. Like the building above, always makes me think what could have gone wrong with the owners that they had to loose everything just midway… Many of my questions in this city are still unanswered…

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  1. manoj tiwari

    the 2 on bkhamba are eyesores.I think one of them is a skipper group case…the other i cant say.
    worst is that even finished they would look disastrous.Unfinished as they have been and abondaned for over a decade and a half atleast,the lower floors are stinky piddle pots and …..
    if you notice delhi had ample large crossings and squares to create great buildings….we blew it …absolutely.
    most crossings are a disaster.
    kya karein sir…

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