What is a Better Life for You?

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Every traffic signal in Delhi is responsible for feeding at least four people. The moment light turns red, several men, women and children would come running to your car and try to sell you something or try to clean your … Continue reading

Friends in The City

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When I went out in the morning for a stroll in Chandni Chowk, bumped into this man sitting ideal chatting with his friends. Wonder why this culture is dying in the Urban Delhi, like I live in a high rise … Continue reading

Dilli ke Dildaar

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When you arrive at the Lucknow Railway Station, a big sign which says, Muskuraiye, kyonki aap Lucknow mein hain (Smile, because you are in Lucknow), and the friend who came to receive you will welcome with a warm smile and … Continue reading

All Is Well(come)

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Daily Delhi has completed 1 month today. Thanks for all the support and appreciation you have given to my this little effort. When I started this blog I wasn’t sure if I will be able to write or be regular, … Continue reading

Making It Fresh

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Best part of Delhi markets is the flea markets. You go to a shopping mall or other regular open markets, no matter how posh the market is, you will always find roadside vendors selling various things. Some common items are … Continue reading

I Met The God Today, Twice.

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Today was a very eventful day. It was almost a productive day, till the time some emails were exchanged. It sure spoilt my mood, I wasn’t in best of my spirits when I reached India Gate. While driving, I noticed … Continue reading

Break Delhi to Make Delhi

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Best part of being a photographer is you get to see so much more than a usual person would see and you get to meet so many interesting people you would otherwise ignore in your day to day routine life. … Continue reading

Rakshabandhan – The Ties of Love

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Rakshabandhan or Rakhi is a festival of brothers and sisters, to remind us brothers the responsibility to save and protect our sisters. Originally, sisters used to tie a colorful thread on the wrist of brothers and brothers in return would … Continue reading

Sunset at The Safdarjung Airport

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Above you see a man admiring the Willingdon Airfield, now known as Safdarjung Airport in New Delhi. Once the main airport for the Delhi city until the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Palam was commissioned for passengers. It is still used … Continue reading