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Making It Fresh

Best part of Delhi markets is the flea markets. You go to a shopping mall or other regular open markets, no matter how posh the market is, you will always find roadside vendors selling various things. Some common items are … Continue reading

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Sunset at The Safdarjung Airport

Above you see a man admiring the Willingdon Airfield, now known as Safdarjung Airport in New Delhi. Once the main airport for the Delhi city until the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Palam was commissioned for passengers. It is still used … Continue reading

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Expensive Hai, to Sahi Hai! – Our New Age Superstitions

Remember every textbook in our school telling us that how we should stay away from superstitions and all the psychics, pundits, babas etc., but things have hardly changed even after so much of education and improvements in modes of awareness. … Continue reading