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(Ass)essment Time for Delhi #lifewithlumia

This is that time in Delhi when you you see all the political heavyweights roaming around in their white cars with red beacons and waiting outside the offices of political parties waiting for their tickets or the small ones waiting for some kind of alliances.

Right now, the national level fight is between BJP led NDA, AAP and Ga(n)dhi family’s Congress all head quartered in New Delhi.

We all are wishing for a government that is not full of asses this year, and can work for the betterment of India and not just themselves.

And yes, Delhi is full of stray animals and we love to have them around. Isn’t it.


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  1. When we look at 1000s of year old frescos, paintings, literature etc,Mehta we find is a culture where we do-existed with various life forms. Where, down the path of history, did we learn to live alone? Should we not all go back and ask where we came from? What made us who we are?

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