You say Delhi is Hot?

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It’s peak of summers in Delhi. Today it’s approx. 43 degree celsius max temperature… But I must tell you, it feels much more coz of the hot wind that will throw almost a kilo of dust in your face in one hour. It’s almost unbearable … Continue reading

Delhi’s Auto Rikshaw

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If you haven’t already met, then let me introduce you to the famous Three Wheeler Auto Rikshaw of Delhi! If you are in Delhi and haven’t taken a Auto Rikshaw ride in Delhi – You haven’t experienced Delhi! This is … Continue reading

My favourite toys

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These little pretty lives that you ignore everyday on the sidewalks while on your way to work or parties, just don’t need any of our fancy toys and gadgets to keep themselves happy. When I saw these kids outside Hanuman … Continue reading

Meet ‘The Shy Guy’ Faruq

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Whenever I feel low or stressed, I rush to Old Delhi for a good meal. The narrow lanes of the walled city somehow always manage to give me a reason to spread smile on my lips. After a scrumptious meal … Continue reading

Somethings Never Change…

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After being ignorant to my blog, being busy with routine life, after being scolded and encouraged by countless no. of people for almost an year, I am back to Daily Delhi. Somethings never change, like my love and amusement for … Continue reading

Jai Ho!

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Every year around this time, Delhi gets it’s own Carnival Season, celebrated as Ram Lila’s and Diwali & Dushera Melas. It’s the time for everyone to remember the story of faith, obedience, loyalty and  courage. This time of the year, … Continue reading

Generations of Delhi

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Generation after generation live in the same place, live the same life, only the style changes. Delhi is one such big house to many such generations. These all time favorite spots are a favorite amongst all generations as well. Like … Continue reading

Clean Delhi, Mean Delhi

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Everyone has their own ways of keeping their place clean. The one above is a classic one for Delhi city – rather most of India,No, its not part of any temple or a religious ritual… It’s ceramic tiles with pictures … Continue reading

Come Up…

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Two under construction buildings on Barakhamba Road always amused me – “what’s wrong with people wasting such gold mine!”. Like the building above, always makes me think what could have gone wrong with the owners that they had to loose … Continue reading

Kamaal ki Dilli…

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Today Delhi kick started Common Wealth Games 2010 , after a lot speculation whether it will happen or not, we kept our classic attitude of fixing things at the last moment and finally the games are on! So I thought … Continue reading

All That Ends Peacefully…

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With half the nation worried about what may happen after verdict, fortunately the day went fine and peaceful. That is a great thing about living in the capital of India, you are safe mostly and your life never stops moving, … Continue reading

Na teri, na meri

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Here rests the 15th century king of India, Humayun. This is Humayun’s Tomb, first Persian architecture based garden tomb in India built by Humayun’s wife Hamida Bano Begum. It’s located in Nizamudin East area of New Delhi. Humayun was Babur’s … Continue reading