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All Is Well(come)

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Daily Delhi has completed 1 month today. Thanks for all the support and appreciation you have given to my this little effort. When I started this blog I wasn’t sure if I will be able to write or be regular, trust me, it’s a task to be regular. But a productive and sane way to get some discipline in my life! As of now, Daily Delhi has got 8,100+ page views, where I was not even expecting 800. Thanks again for supporting this project and keep visiting!

Sometimes I feel Delhi is the only national capital of any country where Kuchh bhi chalta hai (anything is OK)! You can do whatever, officially, and you will still be OK! I noticed this tractor several times, and several other tractors in Gurgaon and Noida as well. This tractor is on a government duty and is taking construction material from one place to another. Though this is one of the very unsafe, slow, and dangerous to others mode of transport – still government agencies hire these to be run in the city. But the catch is, most of these tractors are subsidized – yes, they you can get subsidized loans to purchase a tractor, if you purchase it for farming. But, here, it is being used for construction work, which sure pays much better.The farmers from bordering villages move to the city with their tractors or let it out to others for better financial gains when they do not need it for farming.

I always feel the Delhi roads are not safe, not just because we are very convenient drivers, we can adjust our bikes and cars in that narrow gap between two vehicles, or how we can utilize the otherwise useless footpath by riding cars and bikes on it, but also because government agencies in Delhi are not careful enough to  see what is safe for the road and what’s not. The trailer on the back of these tractors do not have tail lights, brake lights, indicators or even reflectors to ensure the safety of people coming from behind in the night. Which makes these unsafe for the crowded city roads. CWG too, sadly is supporting it all. Worse is, that we as citizens are careless and ignorant about ourselves, our own safety.

Seen above is a picture of a beggar/flower seller trying to look for a buyer for her flowers. These beggar sell flowers, napkins, peanuts, mobile phone chargers, cheap Chinese toys to just anything on almost every major red light in the city. But the good thing is, it shows how welcoming, adjusting, flexible and selfless we Indians are, we welcome anything, anyone and just let them do anything they want, just about anywhere. Yet we find our own peace in this city.

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