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An evening with Anoushka Shankar

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

I must admit that I have taken a un-necessary long pause since I posted something here. My wife still gets surprised at how lazy I can be! But few things haven’t changed in the last so many years of my absence from this blog, that’s my love for good food, music… and photography. Though I am shooting much lesser than I used to due to work commitments and saving myself from doing household chores which my wife would love me to take care of, but I am surviving.

After a long wait of two years, Alchemist brought the Grammy Nominated Sitarists Anoushka Shankar, one of my favourite musicians, was in town on tour for her indian classical album Home. Home is in fact one of my favourite Indian classical music album as well, which I pre-ordered with no regrets!  Anoushka has done a purely classical album after a long time and she’s again nominated for Grammy 2016 – which says it all that how good this album is!

At Sirifort Auditorium, Anoushka along with her band played a few tracks composed by her father Late Shri. Ravi Shankar, and with all honesty – looking down from the heaven, he’d be a proud proud father. The show was houseful, glad that I booked my tickets just in time to get a decent seat and best part was nobody objected to a stupid tall man’s walking all over the auditorium in the middle of the performance trying to get the right frame for his blog :).

I wished the recital would have gone on and on for a few more hours, but ti would have been never enough! Looking forward to more such evenings!

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