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Break Delhi to Make Delhi

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Best part of being a photographer is you get to see so much more than a usual person would see and you get to meet so many interesting people you would otherwise ignore in your day to day routine life. I keep looking for the frames around me even if my camera is not with me. I recently noticed this group of workers working on a rainy afternoon in Delhi, luckily my camera was with me. These men were working near an upcoming metro station near Green Park. Rain, Heat or Winter nothing stops these hardworking men. Hats off to them! I know the frame is a bit shaken, but I still wanted to share this – while we all are abusing our governments anticipated failures of preparations for Common Wealth Games 2010, if you look at the frame carefully, you will notice this work is to widen the road, and they have actually demolished the encroachments on the public land.

Though this always raises the question, why do we let these encroachments happen at the first place? Doesn’t it hurt to bring someone’s home down? It may look like just a concrete structure to us, but someone lives there!

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