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Celebrating 64th Independence Day

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Today is India’s 64th Independence Day. I with my mom, cousin and his wife went out for lunch and small drive around the city to celebrate. We met this lady at the red light selling flags. While everyone has a holiday today – not these daily wage earners. A few years ago, their would hardly be any place to go on national holidays like Republic Day or Independence Day… I with my friends either go for an evening drive to India Gate and enjoy the lights and street food. Or, we would spend the whole day at the terrace with loud music on with lots of kites, snacks, drinks and friends! Man! Those were some days! We would compete with other kite flyers, dance when we cut someones string, feel sad but still laugh when we loose our kite, but then get back in the sky again with a new kite.Though I always used to be a spectator – I still can’t fly the damn kite. But now we have lot’s of restaurants and malls which remain open and we have a choice to do something better with family than just being stuck to the TV screen.

I just looked at the Gurgaon sky, hardly any kite in the sky today since morning… I could not go to India Gate or Old Delhi today… I surely miss the colours in the sky and the spirit. Happy Independence Day.

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