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Common Wealth Games : Facelift or Face-off?

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

We all know what Delhi is going through while we are getting ready for Common Wealth Games 2010 (CWG 2010), which will start in 54 days. While all of the Delhi now looks like a dumping yard, and everyone is co-operating in their own way by staying quite and adjusting in this mess. Probably the biggest blow is suffered by the business owners in Connaught Place (Rajiv Chowk) after the Tax payers of this nation. For over 1.5 year the place is in a big mess in the name of upgrading the market for CWG 2010… the basic requirements of accessibility are not even considered. There is no space to park, no space to walk, the corridors have open ditches, roads are dug and to cross the pitt – mostly it’s a plank of wood used as makeshift arrangement making the market more dangerous than rain forest jungle. Most shopkeepers have hardly done any business in the last one year, surviving on their savings mostly as even the phone lines don’t work most of the time. God bless the people who are forced to work in such environment. Why can’t we just do the civil work with more care, planning and discipline?

Worst, most agencies which are not directly related to the CWG organising committee, who are also far from finishing the job on time – which never was started on time – have denied that the work is related to CWG upgrade and will take more than 2 months to fix! We were forced to pay 12.5% VAT over sales tax in the name of CWG & Metro. Millions of Rupees are still unaccountable which were and are being spent on preparation for the games – BTW, India is so far the biggest spender on Common Wealth Games out of all the 71 participating countries! – Still, are we set for a failure?

Seen here are two workers taking a break on a pile of pebbles for construction work, which just lies on the roadside obstructing vehicular traffic as well as causing inconvenience to pedestrians.

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