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Delhi’s Auto Rikshaw

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

If you haven’t already met, then let me introduce you to the famous Three Wheeler Auto Rikshaw of Delhi! If you are in Delhi and haven’t taken a Auto Rikshaw ride in Delhi – You haven’t experienced Delhi! This is an engineering master piece from Bajaj Autos will give you the unique experience of jerks, bumps, jumps and pot holes where they don’t even exist. It’s unique extra vibrating body will give you an amazingly relaxing massage that when you will get down from it, if you really will, then you will experience nirvana and you will be moaning AAAAHHH! with pleasure (n pain) with your hand on your back.

The driver will never agree to take you to by the metered fare, and he will always tell you how expensive the petrol has become (even when they don’t use Petrol and run on a much cheaper CNG fuel), but that’s not that big issue – first he has to agree to take you!

But these are all part of the litlle price you pay for the ride of a lifetime! Yes, really a ride of your lifetime, coz you don’t know if you will be alive for long while in the auto! The drivers will go zigzag, right lane, left lane, they will pass thru such narrow gaps between other vehicles on the road where even a mouse would think twice before entering.

Jokes apart, they mostly do land you at your destination safe n sound, just a backbone and a few ribs shaken.

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