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Dilli ke Dildaar

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

When you arrive at the Lucknow Railway Station, a big sign which says, Muskuraiye, kyonki aap Lucknow mein hain (Smile, because you are in Lucknow), and the friend who came to receive you will welcome with a warm smile and a polite embrace. But when you arrive at Delhi Railway Station or Airport, your good old friend will welcome you with a loud scream, Aagaya Oye Bhenc**d!!! (So you have arrived sister f*cker!), a common friendly abusive gesture of deep love! A very common and popular part of speech in Delhi.

You can tell how close to friends are in Delhi with the amount of abusive words they use to refer each other involving their love for other person’s  mother and sister. Earlier men used to be careful when women were around, and avoid sharing their love for the friends mother and sister. But not anymore! We are not afraid of showing our love for our friends in public. We will scream MC, BC, BKL etc. anywhere, anytime. And if you don’t refer to us like that, we know you are not a good friend.

Though I am not against using such words amongst friends, but what sure feels bad is when kids use such language. Most of us adults, now do not realize what are we saying and where. School kids, boys and girls alike, are now not hesitant of using abusive words, even in front of their parents. Suddenly it’s all so common… Delhi men are for sure loosing their chivalry and grace.

I met these two guys recently, and the man on the right asked me to click them. He was quite abusive to the man on the left side, but still they were laughing and enjoying the moment. Guess, they were very close friends.

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