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Friends in The City

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

When I went out in the morning for a stroll in Chandni Chowk, bumped into this man sitting ideal chatting with his friends. Wonder why this culture is dying in the Urban Delhi, like I live in a high rise building in Gurgaon, all the flats in my building have people… but I hardly remember the name of my neighbor who I have met in the elevator a couple of times but, we don’t speak! Well, my personal skills might be questionable in this case as well, but in general, neighbors here hardly ever talk! and I am saying this with my 7 years of experience in this suburb…

Friends meet up in pubs, or you meet up like minded people in the hobby clubs or meet up groups. But why don’t neighbors talk anymore!!! You try and smile at them as a friendly gesture, but they don’t talk, and only give a constipated smile back at you. Is Delhi really drying up here?

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