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I Met The God Today, Twice.

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Today was a very eventful day. It was almost a productive day, till the time some emails were exchanged. It sure spoilt my mood, I wasn’t in best of my spirits when I reached India Gate. While driving, I noticed someone standing in a corner of the road, wearing a yellow banner and smile (even in this hot and humid weather!). The yellow sign read “Parmeshwar Prem Hai” (God is Love). I immediately parked my car and took out my camera, started walking towards him. Looking at the camera in my hand he gave me an even better and graceful smile. I was really finding it hard to smile a few seconds ago, but this man was sure infectious – I was smiling back. I asked him if I can click, he nodded yes, and I clicked a few pictures of him.

After clicking him, I walked up to him shared my shots with him. He is Stephan Chinappa. I asked him, what is he doing here? He replied, “Telling everyone, God is Love! Just love the people around you, you will get the god.”. I asked, “Why are you doing this?”, he replied, “I am not doing this for any religion, religions divide. I am doing this for love. I want to spread love. I want people to remember god and his love.” I stood there smiling. Then we had a little bit more chit chat. He lives near Tihar Jail, because every tuesday he goes to Tihar to spend time with the inmates.

After a pleasant interaction with Mr. Chinappa, I went to IHC, where an exhibition by Raghu Rai about Mother Teresa is display. It’s a must see for everyone. As soon as you enter you are greeted with most peaceful smiles of two nuns, who are part of The Missionaries of Charity. You walk through Mother Teresa’s life to Raghu Rai’s frames. I found some of the portraits just awesome. The peace on Mother Teresa’s face can really make you forget your pain and worries. She really can make forgiving easy.

I am not a religious person. But I do believe in god. I do believe if I will do good, I will get the good back. Everyone who makes me smile, is surely god sent. He/She is special to me. I was upset. I feel, god came, twice and made me smile and forgive…

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