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It Rained – Bye Bye Delhi Chill

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

This is

probably the worst time of the winters for me, because after the rains – it’s over.

This year I missed the nearly 0 degree C chill of the Delhi winter winds. I love this weather so I could wear jackets and conceal my beer belly in clothes. But, *sigh* rains came and have started to take away my winter.

When I was a kid, we used to sit in the sun with mom and dad, and eat oranges, ganderian (गंडेरीयां / Sugarcane cut into bite size), gajak (an Indian sweet made with jaggery & Peanuts), peanuts and I always had my pockets full of dry fruits. All the kids of the colony would run from one house to the other and collect every one on the road to play Galli Cricket, Chor Sipahi and all those games that I can only cherish in my memories and just take a small glimpse of the life from the big glass window of my office.

So, what are your winter memories?

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