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It’s all about loving your parents – eh?

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

I wanted to give a corny headline, that’s it. I have no intentions to write a mellow drama, over hyped, over-acting star studded post for today 😉

Delhi now has a lot of expats who have chosen Delhi as their base. With lots of multinational companies coming up in Delhi, the no. is increasing day by day. While most of my expat friends find the place weird – yet they love it… some people I know can go on and on and on against it. I personally don’t like to hear too much bad about my favorite city and it’s weird people. What I enjoy being in the now a global city of New Delhi is observing people of various cultures and backgrounds. What I have a noticed, not sure how good or bad I am at it, almost everyone around the globe loves their children the same way, the way kids play is same, the way they learn to grow holding their father’s finger is same, the first word they say is almost always is ‘Ma’… The nature really made us the same from inside. It’s just the colour of the skin which screwed us all! And we made religions to makee things better, but the interpreters made it worse!

Seen here is an expact family I spotted in the under renovation Khan Market, the way the kid was playing while jumping reminded me of my nephew’s childhood. When he was learning to walk holding my finger… those were some days!

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