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It’s Shopping Time!

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

It’s shopping time in Delhi! The Festival Season for us Dilliwalas… while the summer is setting up to go away, this is the time for us to shop for Summer cloths! Yes, we do shop for the summers during the end of season sales – always! The shops and malls all around Delhi are offering discounts now. Not all the sales are genuine all the time though, some stores, specially selling unbranded stores would fake a sale, yes, fake it! They will increase the price of the stuff and then put it on sale! And we Delhiets will buy it happily!

Though this is the worst time for window shopping, like I sometimes enjoy to do. This is the best time for visual merchandisers to go for a holiday as well. During this period you will see undressed mannequins, newspapers draped show windows, ugly sale sale sale signs, etc. etc. some of the most over-used and boring ideas to to get people to the store. Though just writing 50% off works the best to get people inside the store – but still, most Delhi stores will not care for aesthetics. Thanks to the corporate brands who are not getting into retail business giving some importance to aesthetics and branding during the sales… Yes, Delhi is changing, but I wish, Dilliwale should not!

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