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Jai Ho!

Every year around this time, Delhi gets it’s own Carnival Season, celebrated as Ram Lila’s and Diwali & Dushera Melas. It’s the time for everyone to remember the story of faith, obedience, loyalty and  courage. This time of the year, Delhi comes alive to celebrate the biggest festive season with lights and sweets. Its’ the time to shop and renovate/redecorate your house… with all the mess just before the start of CWG 2010, it came to a happy Bollywood end with all the fanfare and a grand closing ceremony yesterday. I missed most of the closing on TV as I had a flight to catch to Dubai. But I do belive, god had a big hand in keeping India’s reputation intact… God bless my Delhi.

Seen above are some homeless people on the roads of Old Delhi near Ram Lila Grounds, taking rest on one of the carts to be used for carnival. Behind them is famous Monkey God of Hindus, Hanuman. Jai Ho!

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