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Lime n Lemony Delhi

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Delhi’s taste has always been Chatpata, anyone who’s ever been to Delhi can never forget the street food and specially the “Chaat”. Summer’s favorite drink in Delhi, after the tea, is surely the Nimbu Lemon Banta (Nimbu and Lemon mean the same thing, though I wonder how this drink got this name). Banta is a local made lemonade (lemon flavored aerated drink), which comes in this special bottle sealed with a marble stuck inside the bottle. You can either have it straight from the bottle, or the special Nimbu Lemon is served chilled with fresh lime juice and the special Masala. On a hot Delhi summer day, nothing can cool you off better than Nimbu Lemon (damn! I love the drink, but hate the name!!)

The best places to find it are roadside stall nearest to you, but if you are really willing to explore – I highly recommend Chaudhury’s at Kamla Nagar and few shops right at the entrance of Nai Sarak in Chandni Chowk.

Sorry for not being able to post last night, hard a very bad headache after I reached back home. Just couldn’t put myself together to select the pic and write a post!

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