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Making It Fresh

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Best part of Delhi markets is the flea markets. You go to a shopping mall or other regular open markets, no matter how posh the market is, you will always find roadside vendors selling various things. Some common items are slippers, bags, art jewelery for women, photo albums, table cloths, handkerchiefs and one of the most popular – Incense Sticks!

Sometimes I do find the smell irritating, as some of the incense sticks will have too strong fragrance. But they do make the public places smell better. I have been bumping into this man several times, I meet him almost every time I visit Khan Market. He would park his bicycle at different corners every time and wait for his clients. Only marketing he does is to burn the incense sticks and let the fragrance do the job.

It’s easy change the way air smells around you. You have several choices. But do we really care how to keep the social environment clean? Wonder when Delhites will stop spitting on the road, start driving in their own lane, park vehicles in designated parking spaces, throw garbage in dustbins. I wish we start to care about others too. I will try to make the air around me fresher by keeping my garbage to my bin, to start with. Smells good? So how would you like to refresh your environment?

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