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My favourite toys

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

These little pretty lives that you ignore everyday on the sidewalks while on your way to work or parties, just don’t need any of our fancy toys and gadgets to keep themselves happy. When I saw these kids outside Hanuman Mandir in Rajiv Chowk, it just reminded me, life is so simple when we are away from all the complexities we have created for ourselves. The kids were busy helping the little puppy take a feed from it’s mother, oblivious to the warnings people passing by gave them that the dog might bite them. But the fact was, she just knew the kids were harmless, she was also enjoying their company and love.

How many times do we just embrace whats around us, and enjoy the moment? How many times do we just welcome the strangers, trust them and make them friends…? Almost none. Isn’t it?

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