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Once upon a time

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

A while ago, I was in DLF Promenade Mall in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. Where in the central court they have a huge TV screen which plays various promotional channels. And there was no one to watch it, other than this cleaner… But this reminds me of 1982, then my family used to live in Ashok Vihar. I still remember, when my father got home the first colour television of our colony. It was a Crown 14 inch TV, biggest credential of that TV was Made in Japan. Indians still are crazy about electronics which say Made in Japan. Back then, whenever there used to be a colour movie on national TV, all the children and their parents would come to our house, yes – almost all my friends and my parents’ friends would be home to watch Sholay, Anand, Gandhi or whatever colour movie was on… sipping Chai, enjoying the movie with light snacks which they would bring along… what a fun time it used to be! How everyone used to enjoy that tiny little screen – and now my laptop’s screen is larger than that TV and still I want a bigger one!

Now, their are almost more TVs around us, than people watching it. More channels, than we can actually track. India is changing. Changing for good I guess. Today is Pakistan’s Independence Day, Happy Independence Day Neighbors!

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