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Radiating Delhi

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

We all love to talk, we all love to stay connected where ever we are, and I think Delhi is one of those privileged cities of India where connectivity is least of an issue. Your phone will work at even those places where you don’t want it to. I still remember when I held my own mobile phone, I was so excited and thrilled to own one – even at Rs. 18 a min call! Yes, Rs. 18 a min! Now, with change of times, phones have got much cheaper and accessible. So it is obvious that something else had to raise it’s head in the otherwise humble skyline of Delhi – a large array of Mobile BTS Towers!

Now the funny part is, we do everything west has done, but in a much uglier way, the way west has stopped doing things or may be never intended to do it that way. And for a strange reason, we pick up a cheaper way to do things, and we always end up with options which compromise on safety to compensate cost. Now we have innumerable towers in the city, skyline is the last thing to worry, but if you have noticed the newspapers lately, their is no check on the radiation power of these towers. They are radiating near our homes and offices, constantly at higher frequencies than they should. And several people are reporting various ailments, apart from increase in cases of cancer, Constant Burning and Tingling sensation on Scalp, Fatigue, Sleep disturbance, Dizziness, Lack of Concentration, Ringing in ears, Slow reaction times, Loss of memory, Constant headaches, Indigestion, Itchiness, Palpitation, Increased heart rate, to name a few. I think I have most of these symptoms…

Not that the govt. us unaware of this, but seems like operators are not complying with the norms. The cos. when in Europe or US, follow radiation norms, use low power equipment and have discarded all the old equipment which was not up to the compliance levels of regulations in west, and have dumped it on to eastern poor country like ours. When they know it’s wrong for the west, how is it right for us? IARC in 2011 has listed radiation from cell phone towers in the cancer risk category. Still everything is same, nothing is changing to fill pockets of organisations who are making us sick.

It’s the radiation that has taken away the joy of cheering “Two for Joy” from this generation, yes, the sparrows in cities have died or migrated to safer places because of the high radiation of telecom towers!

Are you planning to fight back for your own health? Please share this with all those who you think are still in the dark or are ignorant… I will share more with you as and when I get more share worthy content for you on this subject. Till then, I will be tweeting about this at #RadiatingDelhi.

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