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The real tastemakers of Delhi

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Whenever your ask anyone in India about what is special in Delhi, they will unanimously say “Delhi ki Chaat” (Chaat is a variety of vegetarian street food in India). And I agree to this without a doubt! This man works with one of my favorite chaat shops in Central Delhi – Rajiv Chowk to be precise. This place is outside the Statesman Building at Barakhamba Road, and you get one of the best Bread & Tikki (Potato Cutlet) at his shop. Yes, his work clothes don’t reflect a very hygienic picture, but these roadside shops are not really a very hygienic place to eat mostly but still they serve the best food in Delhi. Yes, much better than you will get in any of the five stars or any fast food outlet. Do check out his Samosas, Tikki, Bread Pakoras, Chole Rice or Chole Bhature next time you are in that side of the city. *slurrp*

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