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Tourists in Delhi

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Delhi controls the way India moves. Domestic tourism remains at peak all around the year here. Delhi being one of the biggest host of heritage sites in India, it’s also one of the biggest junctions for people traveling by trains to various religious places in North India. I met this humble business man at India Gate, he was in Delhi with his business associates for work. He owns a trading house in a small town in Gujrat.

Though as Indians we have not yet given up our culture and history, but we have accepted the growth and technical advancements very well. We still prefer wearing our traditional dresses like dhoti kurta or kurta payjama, but we don’t mind riding some lean mean machines. Though Delhi has a long way to go in terms of creating a better and friendlier environment for tourists in Delhi, like a tourist assistance office at popular spots, more convenient travel options, special tourism buses like Big Bus of London. Though we had the opportunity to do something like this during the upcoming games, and government sure has taken initiative like electric buses etc. but let’s see how far do we reach after the games are over with this special features for Delhites.

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