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What is a Better Life for You?

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Every traffic signal in Delhi is responsible for feeding at least four people. The moment light turns red, several men, women and children would come running to your car and try to sell you something or try to clean your car for some money. Most of us would roll our windows up or start looking at the other side. I personally never encourage beggars. But I try to buy stuff from them, like journals or anything useful I may find. But I sometimes wonder, if we don’t support them with whatever little we can do, how would they survive? Don’t we encourage them to become criminal? If they won’t get money, shelter or food, they will steal. No one wants to sleep hungry.

Child in the picture is a beggar at IFFCO Chowk in Gurgaon. Must be aged around 5 yrs, happily posed for me in anticipation of getting some money from me. Though I did not give him any cash, but I shared my lunch with him. I am thankful to my parents, because of them I have a better life today. Because of them, I am able to earn my living with dignity and pride. That’s the life I am proud of. What is a better life for you?

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