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Buri Nazarwale Tera Muh Abb Gaurantee Card Ke Saath Kala

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

I am really happy with the progress of this country, specially about my city Delhi. Not so long ago, the primary shopping spots used to be Karol Bagh, South Ex and Chandni Chowk, but not anymore. They top slots have been taken over by air conditioned shopping malls.The technical advancements are contributing to the growth of our country in several ways, but what is great about India is we are flexible to adopt new things from other cultures.

But this shop has done, not many have been able to do. They are running one of the most socially responsible business. I highly recommend the CWG committee should look at spending a few hundred crores on this noble project to save the performance of Indian team and the preparations of the games.  This shop is selling the most advanced technology equipped Evil Eye Protection Systems. The devices known as ‘Nazar Suraksha Kavach‘ are enabled using ‘Feng Shui Inside’ technology. Mind you, do not get mistaken by cheap replicas available at roadside stalls in Janpath and Sarojini Nagar! These devices are ‘activated’ by Masters of Feng Shui personally – yes, all these come with a Guarantee Card of Authenticity!

As they say, everything bad that has happened with you is because someone is jealous of you, your success etc. and no police, army or electronic security devices  can save you from the evil eye of your jealous relatives! Only and only device that can ensure your safety is with these guys!! Though scientists are still trying to figure out how the evil-eye works and all the para-science behind these concepts… But this nobel company has figured it out all – way before US could! This savior from evils shop “Nazar Protection Center” is located at one of the most happening and upmarket mall, Select City Walk in Saket. Rush now, you never know if your neighbors evil eye is the cause of that mosquito bite on your arm! Though I am not sure if this device can save you from Dengue and H1N1 virus.

Undue publicity of superstitions in positive light by our media has surely done good to many more such businesses, which keep spreading more superstitions – and now get Designer Superstitions too! The maddening crowd on these shops always makes me wonder – What is the need of education, development and advancements if we still believe a colorful drawing on the wall is gonna save from bad and make us grow – not our dedication, hard work and skills?

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