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Expensive Hai, to Sahi Hai! – Our New Age Superstitions

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Remember every textbook in our school telling us that how we should stay away from superstitions and all the psychics, pundits, babas etc., but things have hardly changed even after so much of education and improvements in modes of awareness.

We Delhi-walas don’t believe in dhongi baba who sits with his parrot in a corner of the market with a big palm sign hung behind him claiming to tell your future in Rs. 10 only, but we believe in authentic psychics (yes, I am being sarcastic here!) who sit in posh malls, and charge us over Rs 500 per question. And we don’t believe you saffron clad dhongi baba! Unless, if you have got a prime slot on the biggest news channel telling us how angry the Saturn is and 30th of every month gods get together in the harem to decide the judgment day! We will call you and pay you even Rs. 50,000 bucks to tell us how to misspell our name.

But, if that lady with loud makeup and lots a rings in black dress is telling me the ‘Cash flow will be limited’, ‘You should take care of you health’ – she is so right! She takes hundreds of rupees to tell us what we all know but never realize. And all this by looking into those holy cards! Our salary is never enough, like Mr. Ambani is not complaining about cash-flow, so all the generic answers and predictions they will give us, we will believe. The psychic will tell us, our health may go down in near future, we will believe her. But not our mom/wife/girl who bore us everyday by telling us, that we are not in a good shape due to our stressed life and polluted environment… blah blah blah… like we care for their FREE advice!

I think this in Delhi’s genes, If it’s expensive – It must be better. But we never care to check that how reliable the product, service or person is…

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