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Go Slow? Go Fast?

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Not so long ago a popular western publication featured an article on Gurgaon, a suburb of Delhi, quoting it as an example of how a city should not be planned. I couldn’t agree more with what was written in that article about the chaos this place really is in now, but I would rather look at what is being done to restore this dream of an ex-politician-now-an-inmate ‘s millennium city.

Probably the author of the article never lived here longer than a couple of days to understand the lifestyle of Gurgaon and thought process of the traffic planners, on how much they want to ensure that you follow the rules in future. Right now they are letting you create chaos in the city, while they are intentionally ignoring the rules and regulation, and screwing up the law and order situation. Because, they know one day you will get frustrated with all the freedom and surrender to their boring laws and start behaving like how an educated man or a woman should. You stupid short sighted people.

While the traffic is disrupted in the city due to construction everywhere, I can wait to see Gurgaon getting it’s own metro – Rapid Metro. Go fast guys!

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