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Hello Didi (Sister)!

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Wherever I go in Delhi, the number of shops with variety of clothes for women drives me insane! It can drive any man accompanying a woman crazy by answering, How’s is it? Is this better or that one? Which colour, Pink or Yellow? But that’s a different debate. What I find unique in salesmanship of these clothing stores in Delhi is the personal and intimate style of selling – every woman that walks in will find a long lost brother in the shop, almost immediately! They will be referred to  as “Didi” aka Sister, mostly, and if the accompanying man is looking pleasantly happy to shop, then he will be referred to as “Jijaji” aka Brother-in-law. And then the “Don’t buy, just have a look at the variety, we understand your taste” challenge will begin… they will start showing you everything they feel you should buy and will look awesome on you. And in a super “sugar coated” sweet tone, so sweet that you would wish you brother could really be that sweet!

Suddenly you will realize, your long lost brother has managed to sell you 5 pieces of fabric which you never wanted, and once you agreed to buy those 5 fabrics, suddenly you will be served with a bottle of Coke or Pepsi. Which they wont serve you unless they are confident you are buying the fabric. But these guys are amazing salesmen! If you buy sarees, they will drape the sarees on themselves to show you how the design will look, how the pleats will fall etc. etc. and even do a lil ramp walk for you if you insist! It’s not funny how much of stock they have to keep to satisfy everyone who walks in and how many fake smiles they have to give and how many relationships they have to establish before they can sell one piece of cloth! Hats off to their patience and the art of selling!

Well, if you don’t believe me, Sale season in Delhi is on now, go ahead and check out what your brother has to offer…

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