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It’s All About Loving Your Family!

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

The effects of Common Wealth Games has now reached my house! Yes, My House! As most of you know, keeping housemaids and servants is a common thing in India. Specially the nuclear families of New Delhi & other metros are heavily dependent on household help for our daily chores like cleaning and cooking. But not anymore. Yes, not anymore. Shiela Aunty and Hooda Uncle are now ensuring we now get the right benefit of all the tax money used for CWG 2010 so far, Over INR 70,000 Crore so far, by making the citizens more independent and caring towards their family and friends.

They are sending all the laborers, read – “the poor people” who do not live in concrete houses and live on daily wages – back to their villages so that they can keep the city clean. They are not allowed to sell contaminated food on the road sides anymore, they won’t be around to spit in the middle of the road to help flies promote the cholera, nor they will be around to shit on the roadside and sleep on the dividers of the flyovers. Which also encourages thankless people like me, stay home most of the time doing the daily chores like cleaning, dusting, washing, gardening etc. and become more and more independent and caring towards the ladies in the house, (Yes, first choice of the Indian Man for doing household work is to put it on the lady of the house, we even prefer maids over male servants in the house, don’t trust me, you can ask Shiney Ahuja!) Now that we don’t have anyone to clean the cars or keep the house, Shiela Aunty is ensuring we reach home late via those “now further shrunk roads” which were never enough & smooth at the first place and spend little time left of the time at home with the family cleaning toilets.

I wonder why people and media is not taking the changes these games are bringing to our and our families lives positively! So what police had to bring down a few houses of poor people in the city, and beat away few men to keep the city clean and good looking for the games. Who cares if they are the one who made the city shine with whatever little they could contribute. So throw out that housekeeper and be the family guy you always wanted. It’s all about loving your family you see!

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