Durga Puja and Delhi

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So finally Devi has come to Delhi… Durga Puja also known as Durgotsava – one of the biggest festival for Bengalis, starts today. It is a five day celebration dedicated to the Hindu goddess of Shakti (Power), Durga. If you … Continue reading

Delhi Photo Festival 2013 #dpf2013

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As my favorite city is witnessing country’s biggest photo festival yet, If you love photography, this is the best time to be here. I finally managed to visit the festival and witness some of the most exciting work from photographers around … Continue reading

Go Slow? Go Fast?

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Not so long ago a popular western publication featured an article on Gurgaon, a suburb of Delhi, quoting it as an example of how a city should not be planned. I couldn’t agree more with what was written in that … Continue reading

Street Performers

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You must have seen these kids if you have been to Signature Towers in Gurgaon. They will perform stunts for you while you wait for traffic light to turn green. They may not be the cutest kids you have seen, … Continue reading

Radiating Delhi

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We all love to talk, we all love to stay connected where ever we are, and I think Delhi is one of those privileged cities of India where connectivity is least of an issue. Your phone will work at even those places … Continue reading

Hello Didi (Sister)!

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Wherever I go in Delhi, the number of shops with variety of clothes for women drives me insane! It can drive any man accompanying a woman crazy by answering, How’s is it? Is this better or that one? Which colour, Pink or … Continue reading

You say Delhi is Hot?

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It’s peak of summers in Delhi. Today it’s approx. 43 degree celsius max temperature… But I must tell you, it feels much more coz of the hot wind that will throw almost a kilo of dust in your face in one hour. It’s almost unbearable … Continue reading